Health, Safety and Environmental Protection

In order to minimize or avoid possible negative impacts on customers, employees, contractors, suppliers, property and the environment, «Galkynyş LTD» acts in accordance with the following principles and undertakes to comply with them:

    • Comply with the Health, Safety, and Environmental Protection Regulations (HSE) and HSE Client Specifications.
    • Assess the risks and dangers of our activities and take the necessary measures to avoid or minimize such risks of HSE.
    • Compile accident reports and investigate their causes.
    • Review the effectiveness of the HSE management system and constantly improve it.
    • Ensure employee participation and leadership in the application of the HSE system.
    • Provide relevant parties with reports on key health and safety performance indicators.
    • Increase awareness of the protection of labor and the environment by ensuring effective communication and the use of training programs, as well as by encouraging.
    • Promote a zero-accident culture for all employees.
    • Prevent potential negative consequences that could affect the environment.
    • Minimize the consumption of natural resources.
    • Minimize the negative consequences that could have an impact on the social environment by creating effective links with local authorities and communities.

The goals of protecting health, safety and environmental protection:

    • Get rid of risks to health and safety at the workplace, as well as risks to the environment, or minimize such risks.
    • Prevent unsafe situations and behavior.
    • Improve physical and working conditions.
    • To inculcate in all employees an awareness of health and safety in the workplace, as well as a responsible attitude to the environment.

The pursuit of health, safety and environmental protection:

    • Zero level of accidents at work
    • Zero accidents with material damage
    • Zero accidents with property damage
    • Zero level of traffic accidents
    • Zero accidents causing environmental damage

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