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  • 1. Construction of long-distance communication lines and power lines; urban communication and power lines; construction of power plants with capacity up to 35 KW.

  • 2. Installation (installation), repair and maintenance in buildings and other construction objects (up to 35 KW):
    • Electrical wires, electrical fittings and electrical appliances;
    • Telecommunication systems;
    • Electrical heating systems (including heating skirting boards);
    • Lighting systems;
    • Burglar alarm systems;
    • Lighting and alarm systems for streets, roads and railways, airports, ports, harbors, etc.

  • 3. Installation of power lines up to 35 KW, rural and city lines, and transformer substations;

  • 4. Technical tests, monitoring and verification of up to 35 KW of SF6 circuit breakers, transformers and cables, distribution of electric energy of relay circuit breakers and grounding devices at 0.4 KW.

Communication, IP and TV

Installation, repair and maintenance in buildings and other construction objects:

  • Computer, radio and television networks, including for cable television;
  • Telephone and IP communications of internal and external networks, TV equipment, installation of radio TV antennas including satellite ones (assembly, programming and installation).
  • The implementation of a certain range of work to maintain information infrastructure.


  • 1. Installation, maintenance and repair:
    • Fire alarm systems;
    • Burglar alarm systems;
    • Equipment and devices of fire extinguishing systems;
    • Equipment and instruments of systems (system elements) for preventing the occurrence and spread of fire;
    • Equipment and devices of systems (system elements) for warning people about a fire and managing evacuation of people.

  • 2. Installation and programming of digital addressable fire-fighting equipment with sound warning and signal output to the central console.

  • 1. General (capital) construction of residential and non-residential buildings:
    • Construction of residential buildings of all types, including cottages and apartment buildings;
    • Construction of non-residential buildings, including industrial buildings: factories, workshops, etc., hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, shops, commercial centers, gyms, parking lots, warehouses, religious buildings, etc.;
    • Assembly and construction of prefabricated metal structures.

  • 2. Work on the expansion, reconstruction and restoration of industrial and residential, large and small buildings with the supply of drinking water, sewage and electricity;
  • 3. Organization and construction work;
  • 4. Demolition of buildings and preparation of the construction site, including earthwork for construction, and other construction work;
  • 5. Installation of water supply systems;
  • 6. Installation of heating and ventilation systems;
  • 7. Improvement of the adjacent territory;
  • 8. Construction and installation of transformer substations from 0.4/35kV and installation of power lines, telecommunications;

  • 9. Plastering work:
    • External and internal plastering work in buildings and other construction objects, including the installation of plaster nets.

  • 10. Other special construction works.
PROPERTY (+993 63 990033)

  • Types of services provided:

  • Purchase, sale, rental of real estate.
  • Search for sellers and buyers.
  • Legal support of the transaction.
  • Registration or other registration with government or other bodies of the transaction object.
  • Advice on real estate transactions.
  • Legalization of changes in the property.
  • An independent expert assessment of all types of real estate, consultations on determining the value of real estate objects (house, cottage, apartment, land, building, premises, and office)
  • Conducting a set of promotional activities to promote the facility in the real estate market.
  • Preparation, receipt and registration of a full package of documents for all types of real estate transactions.
RECRUITMENT AGENCY (+993 62 396655)

Key corporate operating principles:

  • Transparency of work.
  • Creative and efficient work management.
  • Effective communication and continuous learning environment.
  • An innovative and developing form of work.
  • Application of modern technology.
  • Approach to work with concentration on the client and customer.
  • A working atmosphere based on mutual respect.
  • Defined as a company that respects the opinion of society and its main foundations.

«Galkynys LTD» uses a performance appraisal technique that systematically measures the processes for achieving the organization’s common goals. In addition, an efficiency development system is applied, which is based on goals and powers to create a more efficient organization. Using this system, the authority, responsibility, duties of employees, as well as their efforts and success in achieving goals, are evaluated.

Competence of the company:

  • Objective analytical power
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Creativity applied
  • People management
  • Development of professional qualities
  • Impact on people
  • Confidence Education
  • Teamwork connectivity
  • Market orientation
  • Initiative

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